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True to its name, Lumberton has a long association with East Texas’s vibrant lumber industry. Although the area was home to small-scale lumber camps and milling facilities from the middle of the 19th century onward, it wasn’t established as a proper settlement until the arrival of the Gulf, Beaumont and Kansas City Railway in 1894. At that point, the city began a period of rapid growth that continued in some fashion until its mid-1970s incorporation. Although the area has suffered its share of setbacks, including a massive flood in 1994 and a hurricane strike in 2005, it remains a vibrant, growing community.


Lumberton is located in Hardin County, Texas. Although it’s the largest community in the jurisdiction, it’s not the county seat. Despite its name and close ties to the Texas lumber industry, Lumberton actually lies just to the south of the rich belt of pine woods that covers much of East Texas. Although the landscape is mostly flat and marshy, a few patches of higher ground can be found to the north and west. Major transportation thoroughfares in the region include U.S. Highways 96 and 287.

Population and Demographics

Lumberton has a population of about 14,000. Like many other communities across the eastern half of Texas, it has experienced steady population growth as a result of an ongoing energy boom. Although the lumber industry still employs some people in the area, many locals have ties to the much bigger oil and gas business. Others commute to Beaumont to work at that city’s port and manufacturing facilities. Lumberton’s median income is in line with the national average, but low land costs promote a high standard of living.

Things to Do in Lumberton, Texas

Lumberton is a haven for outdoorsy types and culture buffs alike. The city is home to Village Creek State Park, one of the most popular such facilities in Texas. With 1,000 acres of woodland and water, the protected area is popular with fishermen, boaters, hikers and bird-watchers. In April, the three-day Village Creek Festival brings musical acts and food vendors from miles around. To the east, Sabine Island Wildlife Management Area houses a diverse array of wildlife in an even wilder setting. For fans of arts and culture, nearby Beaumont houses the impressive Art Museum of Southeast Texas.

Climate and Weather

Like the communities that surround it, Lumberton has a warm, humid climate that produces ample rainfall in every month of the year. During the transitional seasons, moist air masses from the Gulf of Mexico clash with cooler winds from the North American interior and produce powerful thunderstorms. In the summer, hot, often still conditions predominate. August and September bring an elevated risk of tropical storm activity, but Lumberton’s inland location mitigates this risk. Winter tends to be cool and rainy with a handful of freezes per year.

Air Conditioning Repair in Lumberton, Texas

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