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Once known simply as the Neches River Settlement, Beaumont was first laid out during the 1820s. The town was officially incorporated in the late 1830s and quickly grew into an agricultural trade center and lumber town for the eastern Texas Gulf Coast region. Around the turn of the 20th century, the discovery of oil in an adjacent precinct radically reordered the economy and turned Beaumont into one of Texas’s first boomtowns. Beaumont also contributed to the World War II effort as a center for shipbuilding and cargo shipping. These days, it’s a vibrant town with a strong industrial tradition and a bright future.


Beaumont is about 85 miles from the center of Houston and roughly 30 miles from Port Arthur by car. As the county seat of Jefferson County, it serves as the “control city” for a broad swathe of southeastern Texas. Although it’s part of the Gulf Coast region, Beaumont is quite a ways inland from the actual Gulf of Mexico and is connected to open water via a series of canals, bayous and estuaries. The surrounding landscape is relatively flat and characterized by open prairies as well as stands of pine forest.

Population and Demographics

Beaumont’s current population is about 120,000. As the largest city between Houston and the Louisiana border, Beaumont has a diverse cross-section of inhabitants and a broad-based economy. Many affluent locals work at regional branches of Houston-based energy firms or manage the industrial operations along Beaumont’s waterfront. Others work in support industries like the legal and medical trades. Thanks to the industrial focus of its economy, Beaumont also has a huge population of talented manufacturing and maritime workers who keep its port running smoothly.

Things to Do in Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont has a diversity of attractions for people of all ages. The city’s many cultural institutions include the Dishman Art Museum on the campus of Lamar University and the Art Museum of Southeastern Texas, a regionally renowned outpost that houses more than 1,000 individual pieces of art. Meanwhile, historical structures like the McFaddin-Ward House and the St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica, many of which are clustered in downtown Beaumont, celebrate the area’s rich heritage. For nature buffs, the Beaumont Botanical Gardens showcases the biodiversity of southeastern Texas in a refined setting. To the south, Sabine National Wildlife Refuge serves as a major stopover point for migratory birds.

Climate and Weather

Like the rest of the Texas Gulf Coast, Beaumont has a subtropical climate that’s heavily influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. In the summer, the area experiences persistent heat and humidity that often spawns thunderstorms and other severe weather events. The end of summer brings an elevated risk of tropical storm activity, but Beaumont residents and business owners are well-prepared for such events. During the winter, rainy and cool conditions persist. Lasting accumulations of snow and ice are rare, but frosts and freezes do happen occasionally.

Air Conditioning Repair in Beaumont, Texas

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