What Are Zoning Controls and Will They Work With My HVAC?

Zoning control gives you the freedom to maintain different temperatures in different rooms. This translates into greater indoor comfort in your Beaumont, TX, home with less energy expenditure. Instead of having to heat or cool your entire house, you can heat or cool only the rooms you use.

What Do Zoned Systems Do?

Each zoned area in a home has its own thermostat. All you have to do is program the desired temperature for each zone and let your HVAC system handle the rest. Zoning functions are carried out by a zone control panel that’s mounted near your heating and cooling equipment. The zone control panel communicates with the thermostats, dampers and your HVAC system to deliver precisely the temperatures you choose. Zone dampers, positioned in your duct work and wired to each zone on the control panel, regulate warm and cool airflow to the zones you have designated.

What Are The Benefits Of Zoning Controls?

Zoned systems can save you up to 30 percent on monthly residential heating and cooling costs according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Over time, you’ll recoup your installation costs – and then some. Besides making indoor comfort more affordable by giving you total control over indoor air temperatures, zoned systems come with additional benefits:

  • Rooms are no longer too hot or too cold
  • Less wear and tear on your equipment for longer HVAC lifespan
  • Precision and worry-free indoor comfort
  • Temperature control for every zone

Zoning control can easily be added to any Beaumont, TX, new construction HVAC installation or it can be retrofitted for existing homes.

Do Zoned Systems Work with Programmable Thermostats?

Yes! In fact, combining programmable thermostats with zoning control systems can save up to 30 percent more on your Beaumont, TX, climate control costs.

To learn more about the cost-effectiveness of installing a zoning control system that includes a programmable thermostat, check out Brettco Service Company’s Preferred™ Zone Perfect Plus Zoning System or call (409) 892-5152.