The Importance of Keeping the Condensate Line Clear and Clean

Unprecedented rains may affect the humidity levels in Texas as the summer begins, which could be a challenge as temperatures rise. Fortunately, your air conditioner provides an important function in dehumidifying the air in your home as it operates. As the refrigerant moves through your air handler’s coils, moisture condenses on these lines. The condensate line allows these fluids to drain out of the air handler as they drip from the coils. However, without periodic cleaning, your system could become clogged.

Why Cleaning the Condensate Line Is Important

The condensate system includes a drain pan, pump, and condensate line, enabling fluids to collect and to be channeled out of your home. An annual clean-up of this portion of the system ensures that debris is cleared so that the fluids can move effectively. Failing to clean this portion of the system can result in a clog, which can lead to an overflow of the condensate fluids onto your floor, creating a messy situation. Additionally, a lack of cleaning can allow bacteria, mold, and other objectionable materials to remain in the condensate system. This means that overflowing fluids may allow further contamination of your home.

Professional Maintenance Ensures a Clean Condensate System

While preventive air conditioning maintenance is often promoted for its energy-efficiency benefits, it is also a huge factor in protecting your indoor environment from pollutants. As coils and the condensate system are cleaned, contaminants are removed, protecting your air supply and the immediate area surrounding the air handler from becoming more polluted. Because these parts of the air handler can be difficult to reach and clean effectively, it is wise to schedule professional service to ensure that your equipment isn’t damaged.

The technicians of Brettco Heating and Air Conditioning provide thorough system maintenance to optimize the energy-efficiency features of your air conditioner and to clean your equipment. This also minimizes your risk of system problems during the height of the Texas summer. Learn more about Brettco’s air conditioning services, or give us a call at (409) 892-5152 to schedule service.