3 Reasons Why AC Maintenance Pays Off

The approach of summer heat can be challenging, especially if you tend to experience poor results from your air conditioning equipment. High bills and an uncomfortable home don’t have to turn summer into a miserable season though. Air conditioning maintenance plays a key role in countering these issues. Here are just three of many reasons why it pays to make sure your AC system receives proper maintenance:

1. Reliable Comfort Control

During air conditioning maintenance, your HVAC technician performs a thorough inspection of indoor and outdoor system components. As your equipment is tested, adjustments are completed as needed to ensure that connections are stable and that parts are intact. Worn out or broken parts can hinder your system as it operates, posing the risk of a major breakdown during seasonal use. However, annual AC optimization reduces your risk of emergency AC repairs while extending the life of your system.

2. Efficient Performance

A system that isn’t serviced annually may continue to operate, but changes in its performance can be difficult to detect. Your air conditioner can lose about 5 percent of its energy efficiency each year. Scheduling your system tune-up allows for minor issues to be mitigated so you can continue enjoying comfort control that is consistent with manufacturer standards. Your home will feel more comfortable, and your energy bills should remain more stable.

In extreme cases, an ignored system can result in a lot of wasted energy and money. It can also cause a lot of frustration if your home feels warm in spite of regular system operation and high bills. Some examples of costly issues include:

  • Low refrigerant charge – An undercharge can result in increased energy usage while causing extra wear on your compressor. Inadequate cooling performance can lead to longer operating times without desired comfort levels being achieved. If your refrigerant charge is down by just 10 percent, it can cause a 20 percent increase in energy usage for your cooling system.
  • Dirty coils – Indoor and outdoor coils facilitate the heat exchange process that allows your home to cool. A layer of dirt on indoor coils prevents the cooling of air inside your structure, and dirt on the outside coils inhibits the release of heat from the refrigerant. Together, dirty coils can add up to 30 percent to the energy needed for cooling your home.
  • Leaky ducts – As your technician tests airflow at your registers, he can identify the possibility of leaks in your ductwork, an issue that can add between 20 and 40 percent to the energy used in connection with your AC.

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality

As dirt in your air handling unit affects the performance of your system, it can also affect the quality of air moving through your home. Dirty conditions can promote the growth of biomaterials like mold, affecting those with sensitivities. Blower parts, indoor coils and drain pans are inspected and cleaned during your tune-up to promote better air quality.

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